Some more inspired old geezers trip off - this time to Northumberland

Now here is your more sophisticated punter, looking comfortable, surrounded as he is by artwork

Beaches. Sea and sand, sun and fun. Or, a terrace house on the main Alnmouth street. And in the front room, a Saturday-night-only restaurant. Scruffy top-knot Donald, front of house, and his wife cook Sue, hiding behind a screen and pinafore. A five course meal of petite portions. Six used tables next to the walls. An empty substantial diner in the middle, presumably reservable for large parties. Turn sideways and shuffle if you had to move. Talk in whispers if you didn't want your neighbour to overhear. Nets and other fishing paraphernalia cluttered the sidelines. One sitting, BYO. Kick-off around 7pm.
  Donald cuts down trees, but was a fisherman, hence soup, salmon pate, haddock and thick cheese sauce. Meat pie sourced by local son-in-law and chocolate completed the menu. Likes his whisky.
  The other beach came earlier in the day with the 6-nations and coffee in between. A bright and breezy walk to the Gallery. Converted school, full of paintings and sculpture and proper coffee. Top of the main street which was the straight of a capital 'D'. Shops, pubs and holiday cottage agents as well as Beaches.
  The curve swept down to the 9-hole golf course. Back at the bottom of the straight a picturesque row for hire overlooking sea and estuary. Turn left, follow the river, opposite the park the apartments where we first stayed (clic on link).
  A three hour drive up from Holmfirth, busy around Newcastle.
  Alnwick on Sunday was shut, apart from Barter Books which was excellent as usual (clic on link). Bought a book for coffee nerds. Seahouses on Monday.
  Great to see our friends from Edinburgh to celebrate both our wedding anniversaries.

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