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Wild flower

Lovely spring bluebells,
Ringing mournful curly girls,
Don't pinch 'em, love 'em.

Captain Tom Moore is brilliant, and he must have a brilliant machine behind him, including no less than Michael Ball.
  One note of caution from a cynical ex-NHS worker. I hope he and his team have some control where the money goes, otherwise it will get swallowed by a big black hole.
  Anyone know how the money is being used?

(Donations are going to the NHS Charities Together coronavirus appeal, which is raising funds to support NHS staff and volunteers during the crisis by offering mental health counselling, providing food and wellbeing packs and covering for travel costs, among other things. - See more at:

A Sense of Ending - a Julian Barnes novel adapted for a movie. Sadly the novel is one of my 50 page failures, along with Hilary Mantel and others.
  The movie is great. Like The Mule it depicts epiphany in an older male. Events precipitate reflections which result in action. In The Mule the events are Clint Eastwood's relationships in real time with members of a drug cartel and the policeman tracking him down. He returns to the family, sits with his dying ex-wife in hospital and reconnects with daughter and granddaughter. Finishing in jail, at least his family knows where he is.
  In A Sense of Ending the events are in the past and unreliable, but powerful enough for Jim Broadbent to think again about the importance to him of his ex-wife, daughter and grandchild.
  It's like what David Bowie said in the titles at the top of the show. But, if you want the scientific explanation, clic here.
  There is a good quote from the film. 'History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation.' 'What you end up remembering isn't always the same as what you have witnessed.'
  Whatever we have done or think we have done, there are still chances to be happier with ourselves, with those we choose. The virus might physically restrict that, but ...
    Or, from Second Marigold Hotel 'There's no present like the time.'


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