Lockdown week 47 - stay active

Going Home

A touch of curation from Rachel Carlyle, Times, 30th Jan 2021.

Dr David Eagleman, a neuroscientist, tells us that living online has changed our brains. He teaches 'plasticity' no less. Our 86 billion neurone network is 'constantly reconfiguring its circuitry in response to new challenges.'

Here are some things you might have noticed: you might have noticed them anyway - many people have said the pandemic has emphasised and accelerated things that were already happening.

We keep forgetting things: I'm a 73 year old man. Tell me something I don't know.

Our brains are sharper: I get this. Re-inventing ourselves and continuous learning. Yes, depression and anxiety, but he pandemic may have jerked us out of complacency and back into novelty and the unknown - where next? I'm a reflector - re-evaluating my stuff and getting different and new insights is what I try to do. It doesn't always work. 

Stringing a sentence together: Hmmm.......

Trivial chit-chat: I get t this. I will talk to anyone anywhere if they will talk to me. Quite a change for a grumpy old sod.

Attention spans: It rather depends what I'm doing and if there is a deadline. This has to be in today.

Sleep cycles are confused: Stephanie Romiszewski says 'As soon as you wake up you need to put the lights on, be active and get outside for a walk or a run.' What planet is she on?

On the plus side: We are still communicating well by screen with family and friends. Graig Jackson tells us whilst this is a new skill and valuable for keeping in touch, it won't replace street parties which are hopefully around the corner.

Not another bloody snow scene
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