Week 49 - garden glimpses and haircuts

Garden Glimpse

We all have a view. An outlook from a room or an outlook on our personal lives and life in general. They feed off each other. Relaxed contented moments allow appreciation of our view. Quiet attractive times help reflection. 

This is our Holmfirth view. Overlooking the valley bottom, in turn overlooked by Cartworth fellside. Foreground garden, main road to the Moss, funeral home. Sporadic noisy bikes, sedate saloons and buses, weekly crowding mourners. Hidden rushing spate-river, fed by swollen stream hurrying down and through the woods. Residential, dusk illuminated Blackpool. Barn market, amplified cows, sheep and auctioneers. Deserted mill. Green carpet, summer and winter. Fences, hedges, drystone walls.

There is another view, in Scarborough. A carpark. Square, converted hotels on two sides, clean white and coloured. Third side, stern grey church. Distant sea. Many dogs. Huggins of gulls, buckets of poo. Don't park under a streetlight. Large holiday revenues, busy meter men. Roads for permits or clocks if you don't live here. Recently a workmen's site. Council millions to stop south cliff from moving. Drilled rods. Yellow hard hats, prefabricated toilet.

Two spots for a sit. See Simon Barnes Rewild Yourself.


Unsurprisingly I have cut my hair 12 times during the pandemic - once a month. Getting on regardless. I already had the razor, so what's to wait for? There isn't much of it anyway.

Number 4 all over and no queue. No wondering who is ahead. No need to answer "Have you anything on today?" Perfect. Can't fail.

For fuller account of haircuts before the pandemic, clic on  'Haircuts in the life'

Neat, tidy and incapable of arousing offence or even comment. 

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