New Mill Memorial Room - Open Night

We had around 20 turn up on the night. A couple of great nephews of WW1 casualties and the rest simply interested, wanting to find more and respectful. Many didn't know there was a memorial room within a local club which is known more for its bar, pool, snooker and crown green bowling. The room is taken very seriously, a quiet place away from the rest of the club. Unusually, the cenotaph is indoors.
  This was phase 1 of Tom Ashworth's plan.
1. Find relatives of 34 men commemorated in New Mill Club.
2. Book launch 'Photos on the Wall', a short history of New Mill and the Great War
                 13th May 7.00pm New Mill Club
3. Photograph the 34's final resting places.

This is from behind. Some people don't like the donkey, so ignore if you want.
The original house/club is two storeys with white concert room, brown brick extension and patio on stilts added later.

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