New Mill Memorial Room

This is the WW1 cenotaph. I'm told it is one of the few indoors. It was the main reason behind the purchase of the building. Few people realise there is a memorial room there as it is mostly a club for the local village

Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold10:31am Mar 18
Andrew ArnoldTry searching for the men in family trees on Ancestry. If there is a match contact the tree owner. I made contact with many relatives of the men on my local memorial by doing this
Gillian Talbot
Gillian Talbot9:30am Mar 18
Your local paper would write an article. Ours helped us time and time again when we were researching Uttoxeter's names. A website helps too. Ours brought in people from Canada and New Zealand! Good luck! it is a fine thing you are doing.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith9:11am Mar 18
Start a facebook group, have an open day at a local library or somewhere. That's what we did for the Conisbrough and Denaby 100 Project, and we've found /been found by quite a few relatives

Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold11:03pm Mar 18 
Try & put in as many details as possible - year of birth, place, year of death, parents names etc. Of course there may not be a tree at all...

Heather Lamb12:38am Mar 19 
If you would like any help pm a name to myself and I will happily research for you :-)
Josh Timlin
Josh Timlin12:46pm Mar 19 
Hi David. I'm a journalist from the Holme Valley Review and I'm keen on doing a story about this for the next issue. Could someone email some details over to please?

Jason Brook
Jason Brook11:45am Mar 18
Would he be interested in doing something for the war weekend in September
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David Walker
David Walker8:59am Mar 18
Tom Ashworth, a Holmfirth military historian will soon publish a book about 34 men from New Mill (near Holmfirth, Huddersfield)) who were killed in WW1 and who are commemorated in the memorial room of New Mill Club. We do not know the whereabouts of any friends and relatives who could hook up with this project. Any ideas as to how we find them?

David Walker
David Walker5:28pm Mar 18
Brilliant all of you - we are having an open night and there is some pr. Tom had a Facebook page. Andrew, locating just a name in Ancestry hasn't worked - can you guide me in the process? Thanks

An update for all of you. We have held an open night. 20 or so turned up, mostly interested people rather than relatives, but a success nevertheless. Our next date will be the book launch on May 13th.

Tom, the author of the book, met Josh last week and an article is out soon.

We have something on Facebook -

The publisher's website -

Andrew - I have copies of biographies now of the 34 men - I might have a go at Ancestry.
Heather - how would you search and would there be a fee involved?
Jason - What is happening in September?

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