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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Storthes Hall

David Walker - I worked my late 1960s student summers here. It's a ruin now.
8:43am Mar 26

Heather Frear - Where is it?
8:56am Mar 26

Gemma Pickup - Storthes Hall
9:20am Mar 26

Heather Frear - Thought it might be, thought it was supposed to be converted                                into flats when the built on the land!!!
9:53am Mar 26

Nev Duke - I painted that some years ago for a lady who worked                                     there…..Mary…..
8:58am Mar 26

RichandDeb Thorpe - Must have got through a few hundred gallons of                       undercoat on that!
9:19am Mar 26

Syvet Finch - I worked there from 1975 to 1988.
9:29am Mar 26

Karen Bottomley - Stories Hall.

9:51am Mar 26
Denise Batler - Such a shame they let beautiful buildings go to rack n ruin x
10:21am Mar 26

James Webster - storthes hall
10:24am Mar 26

Momo Milenovic - My mum worked there.
10:52am Mar 26

John Purves - Kirklees council refused planning permission re its conversion to a                     residential area, now it's a wreck !
11:35am Mar 26

John Purves - Still alive (just) and hope you are keeping well. Some brilliant photos, and great memories on this site !
12:58pm Mar 26

Patricia PoolenowTaylor - I worked there in 1976
6:42pm Mar 26

Sheila Maureen Bell - Any pictures of the mansion hospital
7:48pm Mar 26

Rebecca Wood - This is a stunning building, I can't understand how councils come to all their decisions and let the building become a ruin also how they have allowed the buildings which were previously on the former St. Luke's hospital site to be demolishes and now just stands as a waste site
7:46pm Mar 27

Elizabeth Bower - Kirklees like to demolish interesting old buildings and create carparks
8:29pm Mar 27

Ralph Holliday1:29am Mar 30 
because there all pissed on the council tax we pay lol

Tracey Bennett8:28am Mar 30 
This is how it is now. I had a walk past it the other weekend. It's such a shame it's been left to crumble!

Thought I would thank you all for contributing to the thread. A friend and I just happened on the site at the end of a walk. Eric Gehlhaar to be precise, who also worked there for two years - as a psychiatrist. It's a mess as you can see. I spent my time there as an auxiliary, filling in for holidays, mostly on the acute ward, though I visited the locked and other wards occasionally. Wiki has a good entry.
It was shut in 1991 by other friends of mine from NHS days - John Rotchell, David Whalley and David Devlin.

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