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The original post came from a happy accident - you don't expect a sailing ship just there. It will be brilliant if there is a flood, albeit small for all the people and animals that would queue up to get on board.

Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke3:09pm Apr 24 
Well Upper Denby isn't as high as Mount Ararat so yes - he may be into long-range weather forecasting!!
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David Brook
David Brook12:31pm Apr 24
More to the point ,does he know something we don't !
Adam Judd
Adam Judd11:23am Apr 24
Nahh he's alright is chris
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke11:20am Apr 24
The man must be a bit mad?!
Adam Judd
Adam Judd11:12am Apr 24
I helped in building that and moved it twice
Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke10:08am Apr 24
Upper Denby?
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David Walker
David Walker8:55am Apr 24
shallileyblog: A 21st century ark?
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