Not what we'd planned

I was responsible for the route - one of the four out of Brooklands. Meet at New Mill crossroads, next to the toilets. Sheila had a hair appointment, so around 11.30am. Okay so far.
I forgot the route and returned home while Sheila and Eric talked about stuff and then she went to have her hair done.
When I got back 'Let's get up to Brooklands'.
'How far is it?'
'Just up there, maybe a mile'.
'Fine.' Eric set off to walk.
'We really need to drive.'
'I haven't got the car'.
So neither of us had a car as Sheila was with Forget-Me-Not all afternoon. A mess; Eric said we'll walk back to your house. So we did. New Mill Dike, Hepworth, Dickinson's, Arrunden, Compo's.

Wildspur Mill

Holy Trinity, Hepworth

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