Forever Young (4) - it had to happen - are you doing it?

Never one to miss a bit of smut, I caught the sex counsellor in The Times this week. Not literally, I actually read her response to an agony type question (Suzi Godson March 4th 2017). You can never be sure whether these letters are genuine especially when the question is about a couple in their sixties, worried about cardiac consequences of having sex twice, one after the other. Hats off to desire and performance. I'm reminded of the depressed woman who sought advice from her doctor. She was recommended seven orgasms a week. She told her husband who replied "Put me down for one."

Seriously though Suzi quotes a British Medical Journal article (BMJ1997;315:1641). The article reports on orgasm and mortality in Caerphilly, South Wales, and five adjacent villages. The study involved 918 men aged 45–59. The conclusion happily - 'sexual activity seems to have a protective effect on men's health'.

So that's alright then.

For the sake of key words, this is Helen Mirren. I don't need to explain how she came to appear here.

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