Billy Elliot - more memories from a 70 year old

Anyone catch this brilliant film last night.

(Billy shares a bedroom with his brother) Til he left home in his late teens/early twenties, I shared a bedroom with older brother; as did Casper in Kes. My older brother didn't have quite the potty mouth thankfully.

(Billy offers his savings to pay for some of his ballet college fees) Our 12 inch black and white TV went belly up. It actually blew up. We wanted a new one, but could we afford it? There was a distinct possibility of having to do without. I dug out my money box, not containing a lot. Dad laughed. He told me to put the box away and we eventually got a new TV.

Opposite the Slubbers on Willow Lane. In the days when we were dressed in matching clothes.
Nothing matched underneath.

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