How long is the haircut in the life

This is an audio file, a dip into something new. An audio file is a welcome addition to the blog repertoire and a more attractive way to publish cherished writing which is languishing in a dusty computer file. Like most things, done once it should get easier, but it is far from perfect at the moment. It is stored in dropbox, but adding a few pictures and storing in utube is an option. Whilst I am aware that it is possible to embed audio into blogger, I struggle to understand how to do it.

There are themes in our lives that we return to. The haircut is one.

"The haircut is an intermittent lifelong task. Maths is not a strength, but for the sake of argument, assume we live for 70 years and have 10 haircuts per year, each lasting 30 minutes including the wait. You can only go during the day and not on a Sunday, so multiply by three. That’s 6 weeks out of the life. A long time ... "

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UTube haircut in the life

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