52 year old Crampton's view on ageing

Age UK's recommendation for healthy ageing includes 'happiness', as discussed by Robert Crampton, a regular contributor to The Times Magazine.

He highlights certain recommendations such as remaining in good health. Sadly, when it's got your name on it, that's it. But no doubt being in good health is a great start. Staying in touch with events, news, people and the shops are also great, whilst finance, marital status and proximity to offspring are less important. For me these are counter-intuitive and makes me worry about Age Uk's findings. As expected, going for a good Bonington-style stiff walk is in there.

Robert Crampton, however, has not reached this exalted age. 'Bonding with the bloke next door, joining a choir or scaling whatever heights Bonington recommends' is not for him, sex and watching football being his priorities. Completely predictable. Overpaid excuses for sportsmen are not my scene, but I will say his other concerns ring bells with me. 'Droning on about the precise date of Easter' for example. During my childhood and youth Mum would say 'It's early this year' or 'It's late this year'. In our house, Easter never happened at the normal time. Delaying the onset of golf is definitely a good idea. I've never been a member of an exclusive club, but if golf clubs are typical of such places, I'll stay an outsider. Cutting down on modern pop music as an unfortunate consequence of not being able to hear the words. Due to lack of pronunciation at high volume? What of deafness and not paying attention?

So ageing is in front of Crampton. He is thinking about it and not doing much. Except avoiding a check-up with his doctor. The 50s are high risk times for men to die suddenly, and well, you don't really need to know in advance do you? So his aim is to remain in good health until 60, when he will  'take it from there'. Perhaps playing football, walking to the shops and being part of a musical ensemble that sings in plain English might help. This from a 70 year old.

And shoot all cyclists that use the pavement instead of the road.

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