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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Inspiring ageing - walking football - new lease of life for JRR

John Rotchell dressed as a sea captain for a concert set in the 1940s
John Rotchell as a sea captain for a forties revival weekend, run by Honley Ladies some years ago

John has started playing walking football. A group of guys from Shelley over 60s club set it up and they have now played three games. 5-a-side, 30 minutes each way, no heading and no bodily contact (psychopaths can't join), only when it's fine during the summer, friendlies amongst themselves, next to Shelley cricket pitch, £2 per game to cover tea in the cricket pavilion, no subs bench.

There have been some strains and pulls, presumably muscle.

Last Friday in the searing heat, John scored 2 goals. He was present in the second half, just.

He's pleased that he has still got something, though quite what is unclear. And it's a new social outlet.

I think constantly moving about for an hour (except last Friday) counts as part of his 150 minutes exercise a week - don't you?

Those wishing to partake must first join Shelley over 60s
Contact - Olwyn Berry
Secretary, 7 Albany Drive Dalton Huddersfield HD5 9UR
01484 301232

Two local links to get into walking football

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