Docs and Detectives (2)

Clearly a brilliant guy. Reminiscent of many a famous fictional detective who’s search for truth and justice results in battles with the Chief Superintendent and marriage in tatters. My favourites are Morse, Bosch and Rebus.

Sherlock is said to be modelled on Joseph Bell, Conan Doyle’s Edinburgh teacher. He is often quoted that illness ‘recognition depends in great measure on the accurate and rapid appreciation of small points in which the diseased differs from the healthy state.’ The physician must allow the patient to tell a story. The words, delivery and demeanour will reveal her secrets to the wise and tolerant listener. Music and harmony of sorts, but not what is written in the score.

  Then the rest of the police procedural
 Does it sound a bit like Stephen?

the answer vs uncertainty

professional brilliance and socially clumsy

Ian Rankin
His first noel he didn't write or plan a crime novel. That's what it turned out to be. But he was writing about social issues is a specific context. Housing unemployment etc in Edinburgh. So it's a great genre for anything.

These detectives and Rebus tend to be loners because it's too difficult to remember details when there is a load of characters

Even then makes mistakes, DI in one episode and a DS in the next

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