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Friday, 6 April 2018

Easter 2018 - Yorkshire and Hepworth sculpture

Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. An Easter weekend with friends from Scotland, including a giant fish at the Catch restaurant, Holmfirth.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Zak OvĂ© (British Trinidadian) - Black and Blue: The Invisible Men and the Masque of Blackness - “reignite and reinterpret lost culture using new-world materials, whilst paying tribute to both spiritual and artistic African identity”.
Hepworth in Wakefield - 'Winged Figure'

Not everybody's choice, but a bit of culture amongst the visiting, eating and drinking over the Easter weekend. Not the biggest fish in the world - more than enough for me at The Catch restaurant, Holmfirth.

I think Big Dave likes babies. For a group of oldies, we don't look too bad. Joan is still working part-time, but not for much longer - the re-registration police are after her. She is gearing up for some charity work to fill the gap. They've both got dicky joints somewhere in their legs - limping and doing the stairs rather gingerly. And by now will be on a month's American coast cruise with Panama Canal. I can't wait for the Facebook photographic deluge - I can actually.

Emily is 8lb and more.

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