The Waterside, Slaithwaite. Dave's latest barber.

called in on the off chance as my hair was a shambles - immediate service and a chat

On our way for lunch after getting my fix from Darkwoods. Way overdue for a haircut. I'll pop in here.
  Big bloke, big beard, big tattoo. Sat in the entrance hall, behind a desk.
  "Any windows?"
  "Yes, several," pointing to the floor-to-ceiling glass all around. He then stood up, even bigger than sitting, and pointed to an empty chair.
  "What can I do for you?" Accent of an antipodean.
  "Number 4 all over, ears and eyebrows."
  I thought I'd check out his netball, but he was New Zealand, who are number 2 in the world, though not at the moment. He'd heard of netball, and rugby come to think of it, but obviously not his main subject.
  Two thirds done, "That's a lot better," observing his handiwork.
  "Yes it gets in a tangle."
  "Well you do have some fine areas. I'd worry if you were 21."
  "It takes five years off me."
  "Age or lifespan? That will be a fiver."
  Who said I was grumpy.
  Called in Aldi for some cheap cans and lunch at The Huntsman which was not cheap. Good Saturday mornings work.

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