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Monday, 25 February 2019

Inspired Dave Walker attends a beer festival at Holmfirth Civic Hall

Dave Walker of Shallilo-Foreveryoung pulls pints at a beer festival

A great opportunity for beer-drinking this last weekend (Feb 22/23). A lot to sample and so little time. Run by the Lions on behalf of Holmfirth Civic. Foreveryoung volunteered to pull pints and shift some chairs. And Friday evening I enjoyed the odd half listening to a young brass ensemble for the hard-of-hearing. They were good fun and also enjoyed a glass or two.
  My pulling partner was Pete Manning, a veteran of The Giants beerfest at the Masonic, near Greenhead Park as described here.
  Foreveryoung sponsored a barrel of blonde ale which is his current favourite, though the logo raised a few eyebrows. New granddaughters, Navy and Emily, who won't be attending beer festivals for a while. All the other sponsors were advertising their businesses.
  Unseasonable high winter temperatures, England lose to Wales, toothache suggests I will soon need the dentist. So an up-and-down sort of weekend. The beer was good however and I filled as many plastic bottles as I could on Sunday morning. Apparently what's left is all poured down the drain.

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