The old geezers at it again in Ramsbottom

It may seem an odd place for New Year. It's only 50 minutes away, a rural location, lovely rooms, nice beer, close to Bury for the black pudding, and great youngsters to look after us. Wasn't as lively as some we've done, but okay. The railway was open - a southern pacific City of Wells - and a coffee at the nearby gallery in Rawtenstall.

Best days for Bury market (meat, fish and outside stalls) - Wed, Fri, Sat.

E Lancs railway is a thriving preservation society - see website. Several stops between Heywood and Rawtenstall, including Bury and Ramsbottom. Lots of events.

Robert Peel, politician of note, well-known for his association with the early police service was born in Bury. A memorial sits on the hill overlooking Ramsbottom.

The Whitaker Museum, Rawtenstall, which houses the art and other collections is a former textile industrialist's home. We have Whitakers in our family tree - no money came our way.

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  1. David....I have Whitakers in my family too, in my grandmas side ��