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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Generation gap generates a senior moment

I have been lethargic of late - not unusual for me at this time of year - but there are a few nuggets around.

What's this about? Ben Machell in the Times magazine 14.12.19.
  "... a means through which a selfie-obsessed generation, preoccupied with their appearance and health can explore the inevitability of death and physical decay while also processing fears about societal breakdown in a deeply uncertain world."
  I cannot possibly say this describes some members of the younger generation. The quote is actually about zombies, not Meghan and Harry.


What can you say about them? Some days it's "live and let live, it's none of my business." Other days it's "waste of space as are most of the royals."
  They are human beings with baggage that most of us cannot comprehend. No fault of his, having been born into royalty. Her choice of being a celeb - you must want it. I have no connection with any of it. They, like all celebs and royals, are as remote from the hills of Holmfirth as Denis Compton. He, archetype stylish English batsman, is ever my go-to example of remoteness. In the 1950s, as I watched the cricket on TV in our front room in Hillhouse, Mum said Denis was a playboy. He was also the advert for Brylcreem. My idol but goodness me, he might as well have been on the moon.
  I do wonder however if I pay for the royals' beer and petrol? Make a contribution certainly toward the bodyguard costs - so there is a connection. What do I get in return? Nebulous pride in being British? Do they deserve to be taken apart by the press? Sadly celebs get it in the neck and don't take umbrage often, in public. Is this any different? There is a choice to live with it and stop doing stuff that attracts so much attention - which I guess is what they are doing.
  Will I still be making a contribution to the Canadian bodyguard?


Bob Dylan has the answer (Rolling Stone 1969):
  'I'm just one person, doing what I do. Trying to get along ... staying out of people's hair, that's all'

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