This old man's recent moments pre-brexit

This nest was recovered from one of our boxes during the annual clean. Seemed a shame to take it out.

New Mill's Scarborough rehearsal weekend was a couple of weeks ago. JRR and myself fancied a bottle of white with Red Lea's Saturday evening meal. No card facility at the bar. Please pay at reception. I pulled out a card and stood waiting. 
  John said, "You'll not get far with that."
  My Kirklees senior's metro bus pass.

We are away in May to Magic Weekend - rugby league's superleague event at St James Park, Newcastle. We need tickets. Rugby League's website. No ground map. A separate search. Ah! CAT1 will do. I've booked two adults before I see the concessions. Cancel first choice. Didn't work. My checkout baskets contains four tickets. Start again. Several attempts. I gave up when I'd got eight tickets for £320.
  The following day I had been timed out. Start again. I have to register. They already have my email, but I still need to register and they already have my email. Use alternative. I'm registered and then timed out.
  Start again. Confirmation, thank you for your custom. It's about patience and fortitude and wanting to go to the match and having few beers in Newcastle. You have it to do.
 Toronto Wolfpack and Sonny Bill - we won't mention ... or I'll be done for religious intolerance.

Have you ever kissed your wife or partner, lip to lip, noses side by side, whilst you are both wearing specs? Okay, it's unusual for both to be in this alignment, but have you?
  A brief and close encounter.
  A clash of the glasses.

Private medicine is not for everyone. The childbride has recently spent some outpatient time at the Elland for much needed eyelid care. Sadly, the HRI ophthalmic department left her problem untended - frankly they ignored it. At the Elland she was given a plan of withdrawal, introduction and reintroduction of her glaucoma drops. It took a lot of visits, but now good. An excellent approach and outcome. Goodness knows what would have happened otherwise.
  The HRI outpatient ophthalmic appointments system is the worst in the world, Milky Way, universe, multiverse.
  The Elland provides coffee and newspapers, no charge. But, waiting times may prevent you from reading or drinking anything. Two downsides - at the entrance/reception, almost before they ask for your name, they ask you how you are going to pay. Second, if it's an evening clinic which prescribes, pharmacy shuts at 4pm and you have to return the following morning. A long way from Holmfirth.
  With the current state of the NHS, get yourselves insured.

I won't mention obsessive selfie-taking, perpetual victimhood and virtue-signalling. Or I'll get it in the neck like Lawrence Fox, brother of the delectable Amelia.

They always say the last drop goes down your leg - a reference to the older male stood at the urinal trying to finish a pee. I agree, but I would encourage all men of my age to be patient, wait and try. You might miss the last drop but you'll not get a full urethral drenching.

On our way home in the rain from the Elland, we waited in a traffic queue beneath Longwood's rail bridge. A slow drumming sound of water falling from masonry and ironwork onto the car roof.
  Viaduct drops.
  But where is the 'e'?
  e - viaduct drops.

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