Staying safe and easing lockdown week19

Awayday - Scarborough and Whitby

Even on a poor weather day, there are some half decent glimpses of Whitby.
We went because of the need of something to do and the rain. Travelling on the bus was not a problem.
Note the forbidden marshmallow.

Preoccupations will inevitably surface. We couldn't go to Flamingo Land (too expensive), Peasholm mini golf (too wet), the big wheel (too late). So putting and pints. And a short walk.

That beachbum certainly gets around.

'Same old' at the Highlander apart from social distancing. Someone even called me Victor Meldrew which didn't make any sense to me, and Andrew took exception to.

None of the usual N Riding home-brews.

Current events

Sadly the piece that was here has somehow been deleted. Not having the best of times with the computer. 
We feel as though we are back in lockdown - things might be that and it might be this. Whoever is writing or talking is close to round things which bounce.
No men, pile of stones etc. this week. Too much time in Scarborough.

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