Lockdown44 keep active

Walking from home - Upperthong, Hinchliffe Mill and along Bottoms Mill race. 
A dead log has fallen across the race and produced a dam with debris backing up behind it. 
Have any beavers been released here?

squirrel alert again

Keep active - boomercise

Times, Anna Maxted reports - staying fit for over 70s - 14 suggestions from Dr Pollock.

Be risk-aware not risk-averse - sounds like common sense, but 'phone a friend' if you plan to do something you haven't done for a while or never done.

Preventing frailty and falls - strength and balance exercises
                Lift weights
                Fitness regime
                Stand on one leg
                Men and pelvic floor - whatever next

Supplements - vitamin D is always a good idea in winter.

Eating - enjoy cooking and meals. Heaven protect us from all the diet fetishists. My favourite is bacon, fried eggs and black pudding. Closely followed by fish and chips. I could go on.

Social interaction - on my weekly trips to the shops I talk to anyone who will talk back. How strange is that for a grumpy old man?

Make more fuss when getting help from medics - no problem. I've made a career of being difficult with everyone, not just medics.

Medicines (checking the point with medics again) - I recently had my eye review at Acre Mills. No, I'm not going to bang on about ophthalmic services. The SHO who could be my granddaughter said I didn't need the pills and eye drops I'd been taking for the last 5 years. Her boss agreed. "If it all goes pear-shaped, will you see me quickly without all the tedious computer watchers getting in the way? "Yes" she said. It hasn't.

Scans and interventions - the stoic dichotomy - no need to chase stuff you can't or don't need to do anything about. I agree checking poo for blood is an exception. Polyps and early bowel cancer can be treated. The downside is sticking that tube up your bum. I have two T-shirts.

Dementia - yes, but what can you do? I regularly find myself in a room and can't remember why. 

I admit it's been a lifelong hobby, keeping fit. All I can suggest is try something, keep doing it and maybe do a bit more. A good walk a few times a week is a good start.

I think we are realising this covid job is a marathon.


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