Training 1 (5m) - Why am I doing this?

'There comes a time when normally sane middle aged men take up some cause, and on its behalf,
run, swim, walk or bike a silly distance, preferably up and over equally silly obstacles, and,
inexplicably, compete against each other by trying to do it in the fastest time. Now what is that all
about?' (clic link suffering 1: A New Mill Choir biking experience 2001).
  We have a different attitude to ageing than our parents. Retirement, early or at the expected age, is now simply an opportunity to do something different or continue an interest with more depth and relaxation. And this applies to exercise. And there's no pay. And no pressure if you don't want.
  Why choose the exercise route? Physical health is probably the most written and talked about, given there is a ceiling to what we can achieve. Psychological health as well. Sadly our baggage comes with us, however old we are. It's hard to brood over stuff when you are struggling to breathe; a great way to empty the mind.
  Supporting and raising money for charity.
  Sharing in a social event.
  Visiting and enjoying new places or seeing old places from a new perspective. We took a day boat once down the Huddersfield Broad Canal: Leeds Road toward Cooper Bridge. We knew the main road and the dye works were there, but we actually experienced a floating leisurely afternoon out in the country.
  Just the challenge of doing something difficult and the pleasure of achievement.
  Some or all of these things were involved in an expedition to mark my first retirement (clic link suffering 2: The National 3 Peaks 1996).
  So four training walks planned for a project that will be revealed in due course. And I'm not doing it for any of the reasons listed. A pal asked me if I would join him.

Cartworth Moor AFC. A meeting on the centre spot of the Roy Hodgson fan club.


Circus in the woods: ballerina, acrobats, audiences, lions, tents
                                                    and a book tree for good measure

Yew Tree Lane, Hichliffe Mill, on route to The Stumble Inn

1. Victoria Springs  2. Cartworth Moor CC & AFC  3. Choppards  4. Circus  6. Stumble Inn

A man went for a walk,
     finding a circus was never his intent.
          A solo he sought, or so he thought,
                but without accompaniment?

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