Confused or what

Twice a year I have a blitz on Facebook. I get thoroughly confused and irritated and move on to something else to calm me down.

I am having just such a moment.

Because people who know us quite like the blog, I thought I'd make it easier and put us all into a group (DaWShallilo. combining my initials with Sheila's middle name).

I then realised I had only a profile and not a page, so I began the conversion (not mine). For the next two weeks I will have two sites called David Walker.

I was in marketing for a short while - publishing books, so Shallileybooks has a page and a group. It also has a website. I think some form of rationalisation is needed.

Then we have New Mill Choir's page and group. The website has nothing to do with me.

And my actual blog is on Google blogger (Shallilo) which I share with some of the above sites. Another blog (Swinglo) is shared with the choir.

So the sequence is as follows: Shallilo to David Walker's page  (people who have liked the page will 
                                                                                                                                     see the blogs)                      
                                                 Shallilo to DaWShallilo's group (members automatically see them)

Goodness knows where the blogs go after that but Shallilo is running over 5000 hits.

Don't get involved with Shallileybooks - I'm eventually only having one site.

I don't know choir policy on social media, so my contribution is limited.


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