Training 2 (10m) - Do I need any preparation?

The short answer is yes, especially if the expedition involves long days. There is the physical preparation to start with. From experience you need over 10 miles in your legs - the more the better. A range of quality clothing. Reliable blister management (melolin patches. Backup footwear - my choice is the best trainers I can afford. An easy hydration system in a day backpack. At my age there is no way I'm carrying 30 lbs plus all day on my back, though I understand wearing a backpack is great for posture. What do we do with our pjs?
suffering 3   White Peak - serious blister problem and a really long walk
suffering 4   Yorkshire 3 peaks - great support team

Upperthong CC - under 9s cricket festival. 8 teams all play each other

Nice house
Nice garden
Nice outlook
Nice people
The Smiths (Greg and Pauline), Helme

Blackmoorfoot (got lost around here, just how I'm not sure. I think it was the private road that put me off)

Magdale from Hill Top, Netherton. Can't quite see Chez Talboys, but it's there. More nice people who have a boulodrome in their back garden.

St Mary's, Honley

1. Victoria Springs  2. Blackmoorfoot  3. Netherton  4. Honley

The detour at Blackmoorfoot (went through Helme twice) meant I didn't make Castle Hill and then possibly on up the Holme Valley. Out 4 hours so must be around 10 miles and cream-crackered.

sole soreness
so-so tired
soul search

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