Scarborough break - it helped to come round a bit from Covid

Scarborough to try and recover from covid. Improving but not back to normal. Is there such a thing after lockdown? The pandemic is not over, just hiding from us anyway - due our fourth jab soon.

The kids soon took over the flat. Had to relearn how to fold up the tent - must be the fifth or sixth time. We walked and walked, so ok up to mid afternoon. Emily and her little legs were fantastic. How many miles and stairs can you do in 3 days? We did well for weather. And lots of things to do. And the bus up to the north.
Jenson and Louise enjoy the cafe together, so we tried it - great, breakfast toastie £5. Not sure about the bloke on the beach.

Sea Life centre is expensive. Try and catch the short talks and feeding sessions. Makes the wallet more comfortable. The otters were our pick. Must have had a couple of hours there.

Emily does love a beach event with sandcastle. And walking in the sea in her wellies. And a visit to The Clock cafe. The tunnel connects the two halves of the gardens - the south cliff lift cut them in half with no connection. 'The tunnel is just five metres long and two metres high - but it will become a fully accessible route that will cut an entire mile off the present journey between the two halves of the South Cliff Gardens.' (Scarborough News). I'm not convinced it's a mile.

So Scarborough has plenty to do and is a great place to get relieved of a big wad of cash. The bus along the front is still the same price.

I visited Farrar's, the bar at the spa, and had a pint of the local brew. I asked the barmaid what it was, "a nail" was her reply. Bemused, dropped jaw followed by dropped penny, "An ale".

Jenson looked out over the bay at high tide. "Where's the beach gone?" He answered "The ocean's stolen it."

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